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Check out The First Time In Forever by local author, V.P. Nightshade.

I hadn't expected it to be easy, but I didn't expect it to take as long as it has and I sure as hell didn't expect to have some little girl tell me that I was THE GUY.
One, I wasn't ready for anything beyond the very next day, let alone forever.

Two, who did she think she was?

She wasn't even a vampire! I don't care what she says she feels, I don't feel a damn thing!
Other than what a monster like me would like to do with something as mouthwatering as her.
And even if I did feel something beyond that, there was no way I was worthy of somebody like her.
She was a human. She was a good person. She wasn't like me. She wasn't a monster.
No matter what she says, I don't feel it!
So I am not THE GUY and no matter how tempted, I will never put myself in a position to hurt her.
I'm not that much of a monster - at least not yet.

The First Time In Forever: Notes from the Author

1: This work contains coarse language, explicit violence, and mature sexual content.
2: Trigger Warnings: This is a Paranormal Vampire Novel, and features incidents of:
Attempted Rape, MA 18+ Content and Language, Violence, Blood, Gore, Angst –
if any of these bothers you, do not read this book!
3: Vampires do not exist (that is our story, and we are sticking to it)!

This Novel is part of the Vampiris Bloodline Series!
Series Books in Order:
The Choice (Book 1)
Now, Always, Forever (Book 2)
The First Time in Forever (Book 3)

This is the third book in a series! It does not contain any cliffhangers, but does have overlapping characters with their own stories and agendas. In order to fully enjoy this book you should have read Book 1, The Choice, and Book 2, Now, Always, Forever or you will not understand the character motivations or enjoy this book to the fullest. Please read The Choice and Now, Always, Forever first!

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Sellers: Wondering Why You Should Hire A Realtor®?

This list encompasses some of the typical things that a Realtor® does for a home seller!

Buyers: What Realtors Do for Homebuyers!

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May. 31, 2018

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My Friends,

As you know since January 2017, in addition to helping buyers and sellers with their real estate needs, I have been writing a monthly real estate column for the Leon Springs Community Newspaper.

Well, Great News! The column is now also being published on the second Friday of the month in the Boerne Star and also monthly in the Helotes and Leon Springs Highlights publication. See the Highlights' first column here (copy and paste this link):

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